There, but for the grace of God

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about weather this week. Growing up along the Gulf Coast of Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of temperamental tempests. Sometimes those sweetly named storms pack a punch no one is expecting.

I watched from fairly close by as Katrina laid waste to the Southern Gulf Coast I love so much, and more recently from farther away, as Sandy did the same to the North East. It’s painful to watch, but nothing compared to the pain still being felt by those directly impacted by these super-storms.

For those of us who do, or have ever, lived in storm-prone areas, we know that when things like this happen it’s there, but for the grace of God, go all of us.

Please consider contributing to the American Red Cross.
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After a collective five moves between the UK and US in as many years, The Hubby and I have settled into a more boring life of late. We’re content most days to come home after work, make dinner and watch TV while having highly intelligent conversations, like this recent one:

“Go back, that show looks awesome.”

“Which one?”

“That one. The one with Tom Selleck and his ‘tache.”

“Naw. Ooh, Project Runway is on.”

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Rocket Science

When it comes to culture shock, it’s my stomach that catches all the flak. Taking a walk through the grocery store or ordering a sandwich can frequently involve face-to-face encounters with food-stuff doppelgängers that, if one is not fully prepared, can lead to severe existential crises – or at the very least, the pouty lip of disappointment.
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Bad Air

When travelling, you’re often confronted with new things that raise questions about yourself and your understanding of the world. Sometimes they lead to deep life changing epiphanies. Sometimes all you want to know is what’s the deal with all the hotel blow dryers that require you to hold the button down continuously for them to work.
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The Great Biscuit Baffle

It’s frequently quoted that the United Kingdom and the United States are two nations separated by a common language. There’s no time when this is more apparent than when in search of a snack. Take, for example, the noble biscuit. The biscuit is iconic to both Southern and British cultures and most commonly served with tea* – but, that’s where the similarities end.
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Pale And Interesting

It’s safe to say that in Scotland even Mother Nature is a Calvinist. Together, we accept that it is right and good not to be spoiled by such earthly extravagance as sunshine and temperatures above 50F. So, on those rare days when warm weather and sunshine come together for a brief and illicit hookup – skin debauchery ensues and I become a total sun whore. And, this is most unlike me.
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Bacon, My Country For Bacon

I love bacon. Bacon is the taste of all that is good and holy in this world. The Brits are very proud of their bacon, and any country that sponsors a Bacon Education Week (yes, this is real) is A-Okay in my book. But, let’s get one thing straight – bacon in the United Kingdom is not, in my opinion, bacon at all. It’s a fatty ham slice.
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Whisky, No ‘E’

There’s whiskey and there’s whisky. Big difference. The Hubby was really the first person to introduce me to good whisky – no ‘e’. The ‘e’ is reserved for American and Irish varieties, which no self respecting Scot would accept as worthy of consumption anyway.
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An Introduction To Sweet Tea

It was one of those steamy August days where the air feels swimmable and all you want is sweet tea and a decent A/C system. I was at the Atlanta Airport picking up the lovely Scottish boy I had fallen in love with 4 months prior and taking him home to Florida to meet my family.
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