I’m no debutante and I’m no Southern Belle. I’m fidgety, live a life of bad hair days, and ‘grace’ is not my middle name. I’m just a small town girl, born and raised in that special place below the Mason-Dixon Line and north of the Gulf of Mexico, trying to make my way in a much bigger and more cosmopolitan world than the one of my upbringing.

Whatever the pitfalls or successes, the strong Southern women I’ve known have always taught me that I should try to live my life with strength, integrity, and above all, a good sense of humor (and a decent stash of bourbon).

I married a charming Scotsman whom I taught to drink sweet tea, and who in return, taught me to appreciate a good single malt Scotch whisky – and, they’re actually not too bad together. We currently call Scotland home, leaving me to ponder the random things of a life lived transatlantic-ishly.

If that’s not a real word, it should be.