Getting My Thanks On

My mother has a tradition on Thanksgiving to go around the table and ask each of us to say what we were most thankful for that year. Even if you happen to be 3,000 miles away, she still expects a webcam session to proclaim your annual appreciation for something. Besides her declaration last year that she was truly grateful that our town finally instituted kerbside garbage pick-up, our gratitude generally resides with the big things in life – having our health, getting a new job, nabbing a husband, technology that keeps the family together over miles and continents.

Yet, it occurs to me each year that the small, unsung heroes of our everyday life never get any praise. Where’s the gratitude for those banal things that make our lives a little brighter and our days a little easier? So, here on Thanksgiving I want to give a shout-out to the top five things currently in my life for which I’m truly thankful.

Coffee is the essence of life. They say too much coffee is bad for you, I say there’s never enough. Coffee bean producers are the great heroes in life, and to them I say thank you for allowing me to be human before 11am.

To this I have to add two additional thanks. The first to Richard at the coffee shop near my office for always knowing to make me a strong, black Americano without having to do more than give him the Lily-is-low-on-caffeine-look. The second to my father and his “can-do” spirit for sending me a 3000-watt step-down converter and a massive box of K-cups, so I can both savour the joys of my American Keurig coffee machine and not have it blow up.

Through the good times and the bad, there’s not a day that goes by that my friend, mascara, is not with me. Without its gloopy goodness my eyes would be forever doomed to looking like those of a tired ferret.

Lupe Pinto’s
This little Mexican grocery in the strip club district of Edinburgh is the place to score the good stuff. It keeps me in full supply of Jiffy Cornbread Mix, JetPuff Marshmallow Crème, and A&W Root Beer. Any place that allows me to say the words “Corn casserole is on the menu tonight, y’all!” without having to first fly home to Florida will have my eternal gratitude.

I’m truly convinced that the scientist who gave us poor calcium-deprived lactose intolerants the ability to eat Ben & Jerry’s Dough-ble Whammy should be given a Nobel Prize.

My Reba McEntire boots
Yes, I own Reba brand boots. And I love them. Not only do they keep me warm and dry in kicky country style during Scotland’s cold and soggy winters, but everytime I wear them I get the distinct impression they’re saying to me, “Here’s your one chance Fancy, don’t let me down.”

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Image credit: Jelene Morris